Our Story

Benefiting Rescues and Dogs in Need

Our hearts are huge – at least three sizes too big! So when we see other pups in need and rescues that are struggling we want so badly to help! We put our heads together for a way to raise some money for those who need it most. In the end all it took was a look in the mirror. We know we look fantastic – there’s no denying that. We put our crazy dog Moms to work making us Pom Pom necklaces and over the top accessories! Now you can look your best too! Check out our line and order away! Best of all, proceeds benefit rescues and dogs in need!

Now to the Board of Directors ­– we are an international crew! The Doodle Brothers were born on a snowy December afternoon in British Columbia but soon enough found themselves applying for a green card and buying sunscreen for their new California home when their parents decided Skype wasn’t enough! Oka-san (their Mom) arrived from her native Japan just in time to fill the swimming pool for the boys, while Oto-san (their Pop) hails from the East Coast. Baboo, our resident latte Doodle has an eye for the ladies, a nose for bacon and a heart of gold. Boogie, a handsome brunette is a mover and a shaker – need something done, someone bothered? He’s your Dood! Follow their antics on Instagram @thedoodlebrothers

The cloud of white puffiness is adorable Bailey Bear. She may be small but she knows how to keep all these boys in line! She loves romping and playing ball and her midair catches are spectacular! Best of she actually shares treats – unheard of with this crew! Her sweetness can be found on Instagram @darlingbailey

Then there’s Tucker. Crazy, wild Tucker. He found his forever home at nine months and has lived a glass half full life ever since! He’s possessed, err, obsessed with squirrels (#squirrelsareevil) and rocks a double black belt in treat stealing! See this #devilishdoodle on Instagram @thetuckerdoodle!