Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Well, okay, these aren't real gift cards. These are single-use discount codes. You purchase the dollar amount you want, and we send you a personal discount code that you can email or give to anyone you choose. They're good indefinitely.

The big difference between these codes and a real gift card is that you have to redeem the entire dollar amount in one shot. The system doesn't remember any "leftover".

Fine print: Only one code can be used per order. The discount does not apply to shipping. Redeem by entering the discount code in the "Special Orders" window at checkout. 

This system is not ideal. But at least it's a way to get last minute gifts to style-conscious pups.

Happy Holidays!

Example Dollar Amounts of Popular Combinations
 PomPoms size PomPoms only  with 1 Charm with 2 Charms
Small $12 $20 $28
Large $15 $23 $31